Introduction Ceremony

On February 20th 2010 I officially introduced my fiance to my family and friends in a ceremony called kwanjula (luganda for introduce). It was a simple function - the only thing that was wasn't simple was the 550 guests we hosted. The function was held in my parents home in Munyonyo, Kampala. It was a rainy day - it stopped raining an hour to the beginning of the function. Here is the function in pictures....

Top left with my dad, top right with my mum  and bottom left with my aunt.
This is my parents home - this photo was taken the weekend before the function.

My sweetheart

My brothers and I - I'm the first born and the only girl :)

Getting ready

The dining room where the bako (in-laws) had their lunch


My cousins and brothers greeting the bako

My cousins greeting the bako

My jajjas (grandparents) greeting the bako

Stepping out of the house for the first time

Looking humble - I did not know whether I was allowed to look straight at my fiance so I kept my eyes on the floor :)

My senga (paternal aunt) identifies my fiance as the one I have chosen. She did all the talking on my behalf.

Finally looking up

Tension is all gone!

Gifts for my parents

My dad and his brothers

My mum sang with her some of her friends from a choir called Joint Heirs - she was one of the first choir members.



Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Oh my goooooooodneeeeesssss You looked absolutely fantastically beautiful!!!!

Denver Wedding venues said...

This place is mind blowing. Even the tea they served was really fancy. It was the pyramid shaped tea bags. I heard this was one of Oprah's favorite items.

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