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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Busy week....

January and February are rather slow months... at least in Uganda they are. Everybody is still in the holiday mood in January and then we had elections in February which provided some public holidays. But now, work is back in full swing. This week is busy! Well, actually it may not be that busy but it feels busy because work had been a bit slow and I'm still not feeling too good so my energy levels are not so high.

Anyway, I found a few things that made my week a little bit easier.
My babies are growing so fast!!!!! I don't want them to grow up :-(

Aren't they cute?? And growing too fast!!!! I can still remember each one of them as day-old babies! I'm getting old :-(

Each time I feel overwhelmed I just take a look at these photos and my spirits are lifted!

Now I have to get back to work! Hope you're all having a good week.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Tomorrow will be our 8 month anniversary. (I know several people think I'd better stop counting the months but I can't help myself!!!)
Anywho, since we got married in May both our matron of honour and our best man have added to the members in their families. Our matron and her husband had a baby boy in August while our best man and his wife had a daughter in December.
Baby Amy - precious isn't she? Born to our best man and his wife
Baby Josiah - my Captain Adorable!! Born to our matron of honour and her husband
Prophecy?? Heehee!!! All I know is that I'm enjoying having babies around me because it helps calm my nerves! No kidding!

Now, as you may (or may not) know I LOVE babies and so several of my friends and relatives were pretty sure that I'd be very heavy by now. However, I have disappointed them ;) Some of them have secretly decided that I'm pregnant so when I bump them they simply ask how far along I am (heehee).

In the beginning this was quite amusing but I grew tired of it. My grandmother also pulled me aside and made it clear that she wanted a great-grandbaby soon! Whoa! Last time I checked the only person I'm supposed to be talking to about babies with is my handsome farmer man right? RIGHT!!!

In Uganda children are so important to the extended family. The other day I read about a lady who has failed to conceive in her 8 years of marriage and so wants to get her husband a girlfriend a girlfriend who will bear him a child. Sound familiar? Sarah and Haggai all over again- I think...
Much as I respect the importance my culture places on child bearing I also realise that they are a gift from God and a happy marriage is important in a family. We want to build that firm foundation before we think of bringing little people into the world. Make sense?

So maybe our best man and matron of honour having babies within 7 months of our marriage is a sign of things yet to come - I sure wouldn't mind - but maybe we need some more time to discover ourselves and fall in love all over again as newly weds... :)

Did any of you experience some pressure to have a baby soon after your wedding?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Introducing my babies!!!

Like I said - I love babies!!!! And though I don't have any of my own yet there are three kids who are especially dear to me and have put a smile on my face and brought light to my life. They are my darlings, my sweethearts and they make my world a much happier place. They have been sick for the last couple of weeks so I've not been able to see them and I missed them so so much!!!!!

So, without further ado, introducing (drum roll) MY BABIES!!!!!!

I love you sweeties!!!!!! I can't wait to see you :-)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby love

I LOVE BABIES!!!!!!! I don't have any of my own yet but I'm looking forward to it. For now I'm that person who smiles at every cute baby I see while I'm walking down the street. I particularly adore little girls - I think they look cute in almost anything.
Today, a friend of mine had a baby girl and I'm so excited coz it means I have one more baby to dote on :)

So in honor of my love for babies I decided to post a picture of my adorable nephew - I think he's the cutest thing this side of heaven!!!!

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