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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thinking in colour.....

We're renting a flat and it's white :-( I don't like white. I love colour. And right now, that's what I want/ need in the flat. The only problem is it's not my house. So I've resorted to dreaming and wishing.

I bought a book that suggests which colours you can use in a house. I love it and it's helping me dream away.

I love it because it gives you different colours to match with and which colours to use for fabric or accessories. It has different sections for each colour scheme - reds, violets, yellows, greens and what mood each combination invokes! Did I say I love it? I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Now all I need is a house :-)

One day I'll have my very own house and it will NOT be white! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dining room shopping :-)

We recently moved into an apartment with a nice dining space - a rare thing in Uganda these days. Anywho, I'm doing a little window shopping for a dining table. We want a table that seats six- in anticipation of the little ones that will be popping out :) Take a look at some of the ones we have our eyes on and let me now what you think.

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