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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taxi misery...

If you are familiar with Uganda taxis you know that they are not the most comfortable nor do they offer the best experience. Sure they get you to where you are going it takes a lot out of you too. I don't like to use them. And though several of you may think I'm being a snob I'm sure deep down inside you don't like to use them either.

So, today I get into this taxi and seat myself next to the back window. I always try to sit next to the window just in case I need some fresh air. And boy did this window come in handy! A few minutes later a man came to sit next to me and boy was he stinking!!!!! I IMMEDIATELY stuck my nose out the window to prevent any unpleasant substances from spewing out of my mouth.

Soon after that another man got in and sat on the same row. As soon as he sat down he began to complain that his seat was wet. As is typical in a taxi, nobody paid any attention to him so he got up and left the taxi. The next person who sat in that seat did not complain that the seat was wet. That sent off warning bells in my head. We recently had bombings in the city and so for somebody to come in and try to make a show of a wet seat and then leave made me think that maybe he had put a bomb or something in the taxi. So, I mentioned this to the passenger who was in the seat and in typical Uganda taxi fashion he ignored me! Hmmm... Well, I started to pray real hard!!!! After about 15 minutes in the taxi I realised I was going overboard so I relaxed. (And in case you are wondering - there was no bomb or else I would not be blogging right now :-)

The next event really ticked me off. I handed the taxi conductor a 1000shs note to pay for the fare which was supposed to be 700shs (for those of you who are not so good at Maths - he was supposed to give me 300shs in change :)) 5 minutes later I ask him to give me my change before I get out. And guess what he said - "YOU DID NOT GIVE ME ANY MONEY!"
I was not amused by that little remark but I thought to myself, "Maybe he just forgot." So I told him I had indeed given him 1000shs and turned to the lady sitting next to me to ask her if she remembered this (because I know she saw me hand it to him) and guess what? The lady ignored me!!!!!!! At that point I was MAD!!!!!!! But then I thought to myself "It's only 300shs." And then I thought to myself (again) "But he doesn't deserve to have it just because he is lying to me." Meanwhile, I had missed my stop while I was quibbling. So I tell him to stop and as I get out I tell him that he should keep the money and that it will not help him in ANY way!!! And I stomped off. Quite dramatic huh? If only he cared!!!! Hmmm....

Well, I did not like that he tried to pull one over on me and I made sure that I took a mental picture of him. I will not get into his taxi again! And I mean it!!!!

Taxis....hmmm...... never been a pleasant experience for me.
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