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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This too shall pass....

There are a lot of things that are making me sad in my country. I'm not pleased with what is going but I know that the Lord will see us through this. You can read more about it here.

My hubby sent me this poem to remind me that things come for only a moment - whether they be good or bad. I'm sure that each one of you has something going on in your life - good or bad and this poem is just a reminder to enjoy the good and endure the bad because one day it will be gone.

This Too Shall Pass Away
By Theodore Tilton

Once in Persia reigned a King,
Who upon his signet ring
Graved a maxim true and wise,
Which, if held before his eyes,
Gave him counsel at a glance,
Fit for every change and chance.
Solemn words, and these are they;
"Even this shall pass away."

Trains of camels through the sand
Brought him gems from Samarcand;
Fleets of galleys through the seas
Brought him pearls to match with these;
But he counted not his gain,
Treasures of mine or main;
"What is wealth?" the king would say;
"Even this shall pass away."

Mid the revels of his court,
At the zenith of his sport,
When the palms of all his guests,
Burned with clapping at his jests,
He, amid his figs and wine;
Cried, 'O loving friends of mine;
Pleasures come, but not to stay;
"Even this shall pass away"

Lady, fairest ever seen,
Was the bride he crowned his queen.
Pillowed on his marriage bed,
Softly to his soul he said:
Though no bridegroom ever passed;
Fairer bosom to his breast,
Mortal flesh must come to clay-
"Even this shall pass away"

Fighting on a furious field,
Once a javelin pierced his shield;
Soldiers, with a loud lament,
Bore him bleeding to his tent.
Groaning from his tortured side,
"Pain is hard to bear," he cried;
"But with patience, day by day,
Even this shall pass away.

Towering in the public square,
Twenty cubits in the air,
Rose his statue carved in stone.
Then the king, disguised, unknown,
Stood before his sculptured name,
Musing meekly: "What is fame?"
Fame is but a slow decay;

Even this shall pass away.

Struck with palsy, sore and old,
Waiting at the Gates of Gold,
Said he with his dying breath,
"Life is done, but what is death?"
Then, in answer to the king,
Fell a sun beam on his ring,
"Even this shall pass away."

Friday, February 25, 2011

Everlasting love...

Today I woke up feeling ill. I had a bad headache. The kind that makes opening your eyes feel like you've just taken a blow to the head. My darling hubby insisted we go to the doctor. I don't like hospitals but this headache had been on and off for a few days so I agreed.

He always makes sure that he takes me to the hospital and sits with me as I explain how I feel to the doctor. Sometimes he has to stand in the doctor's room because there is only one seat for the patient but he always makes sure he is in the room and that gives me a sense of security. Many times the doctors are surprised that he wants to be in the room because - let's face it - I'm not a child! But my sweet hubby stands his ground! :)

Today, I'm glad he made me go to see the doctor because we found I was not fine at all. I'm glad that he was there with the whole time - even if he was 2 hours late for work. I'm glad that he drew up a plan to make me get better as soon as the doctor told me what was wrong. I'm glad that I have a husband who loves me enough to be there for me when I'm ill. And so today's poem is dedicated to him... (And allow me to say that I'm sorry that I slacked on the poems the last two weeks.)

Love is patient,
love is kind. 
It endures all.

When I look into your eyes
I see it.
You don't need to tell me...
I can feel it.
This is love.

When you hold me
I feel secure.
When you smile 
I know no more sorrow

I know you'll never let me go.
You'll stay by my side 
as we grow together
in this everlasting love.

I love you baby!!!!!

To all you ladies who have fabulous hubbies - aren't we blessed?

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Poetic Friday

(Photo credit)

Long time ago I used to write poems. I haven't done that in a while and I've never published them (except in my notebook :-)) because I was never really sure of my poetry... Well, now that I blog I thought it would be nice to post an old poem every Friday and give a little background to it. I hope it will get me writing poetry again and I hope you will enjoy it too...

In its beauty,
I boast.
In its stillness,
I rest.
In its gentleness,
I am meek.
In this life
I am merely a character
who changes with the scenes.

In its violence,
I fight.
In its agony,
I weep.
In its loudness,
I shout.

To me
Life is a play.
And I...
merely a puppet,
heeding to its will. 

While I was in high school I often felt like i was just going through the motions of life. You know - doing what everybody thinks you should be doing at that particular time so that you don't look or feel awkward. That's why I wrote this poem.I felt like only the things around me controlled how I felt or behaved and I had no control over it. But the Lord taught me to see things His way and I lived happily ever after :-)

I hope you enjoyed the poem. Let me know what you think. Enjoy your weekend.

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