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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend recap

This is a good movie.

My husband and I bought it in September 2010 but we had not watched it. And quite frankly, I wasn't looking forward to it. But it surprised me! We watched it on Sunday while we were having lunch. Wonderful acting! Angelina Jolie did a wonderful job! I wonder if there really are people like that in the CIA... hmmmmm....

I got to see my babies too!!!!!!!! Oh I missed them soooooooooooooooooo much! And oh how they've grown. Here they are...

He has 2 teeth!!!!!!

Look at their sweet smiles!
On Saturday evening, we went to see my godmother.

She lived in Uganda for over 40 years and worked as a Maths teacher before she retired. She drove my mum to the hospital while she was in labour with me. During that time, the current government had just taken over power and there were road-blocks everywhere. You could only get past the road-block if you had a green sticker on your car. She did not have one. But she put my parents in the car and made sure she got through all the road-blocks till she got to the hospital. She sends me a Christmas gift every year - it doesn't matter in which month I get it but I get it anyway. I admire her a great deal. Her love for the Lord brought her all the way to Uganda, away from her family and friends, for 40 years, to spread the gospel and to touch the lives of her students. A real inspiration.

And of course, I cooked :-) At my husband's request, I made pilau. Pilau is a rice dish cooked with meat and spices. I did not use meat but the spices are the most important thing in this dish. Here the ingeredients:
  • White rice
  • Onions
  • Pilau Masala
  • Hot Water
  • Salt
  • Oil (vegetable, sunflower or olive - you decide)
*I did not put any measurements because it is all relative. It's just rice - with a twist :-)

Chop up the onion and fry it on medium heat. 

 Fry until the onion begins to get burnt. Seriously. This will hep give the pilau it's brown colour.
 Add pilau masala. This gives the pilau it's unique flavour. don't put too much though otherwise it will make the rice bitter.
 Add the rice and fry for a bit.
 Add a double portion of hot water and cook normally. I put mine in the rice cooker. The water should look brown once you put it in.
 All done :-)

 My husband made the passion fruit juice as usual and demanded that he has his picture taken too :-)

Have a lovely week!!!!

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