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Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday unseriousness...

This morning it happened to be just the girls in the office and so we decided to go a bit crazy and help each other apply some makeup. Yes, I know - we're supposed to be working but hey it's Friday. 

Meet my workmates:

1) This is Fiona. She doesn't like applying makeup in the morning because she doesn't have time for it. She feels funny wearing lipstick. Mission 1: For her to learn to apply her eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick in about 10 minutes so she can look fabulous all day long.

 Mission 1 accomplished :-)

2) This is Maureen. This is the fashionista but she needed just a little nudge towards eyeshadow. And guess who helped her apply it - me!!! Shocker huh? shocked me too! Mission 2: To make her see that eyeshadow makes her eyes pop just a bit more. Here she is:

Mission 2 accomplished!

3) And last, but not least, moi! I don't wear lipstick. I think it makes my lips look huge. Mission 3: To show me that my lips look fantastic with lipstick. Here goes:

Mission 3 accomplished!

All in all, our Friday morning has been quite unserious on the work front but rewarding on the beauty front :-)and we're taking everything we learnt here seriously :-D

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!
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