Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Boo!

It's my hubby's birthday today!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY! I love you with all my heart and even though the chaos in town has ruined the wonderful plans I had for you I will most definitely make it up to you.

And isn't it wonderful that William and Kate chose to get married on my hubby's birthday? :-D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Go shorty, it's your birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!! I'm quarter a century now. Yay!!!

 My tall dark and handsome man is taking me to a fantastic hotel to celebrate. Yay!!!!

I'll be back with tales of how it went :-) Laters. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I recently saw this Q and A that Faith at Life.Love&Marriage did and I enjoyed reading her answers so much that want in on the action! lol! So here goes.....

How long have you been together?
It will be 3 years next month.

How long did you know each other before you started dating? 
About 4 years.... We were not close though.

Who asked who out? 
Um... there was no asking really... it was more like "So we're serious about this right?" But he made the first move...
Did you go to the same school?

Who is the most sensitive?
He is.
What about pets?
None. He wants 5 dogs!!!! Not on my watch! I can't stand animals...
Where do you eat out most as a couple?
We love Indian food coz it's so spicy and tasty so we have a lil' indian restaurant in town that is ALWAYS our default place to eat out.
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Egypt for our honeymoon :-)
Who has the worst temper?
I do *hanging my head in shame*
Who does the cooking?
I do most of it but we cook together. He does the drinks, I do the food. 

Who is more social?
He is. He can start a conversation with anyone! When we're stuck in traffic he'll start up a conversation with the person in the car beside us. Weird!
Who is the neat freak?
Hmmmm... He is I think. When I arrange something I disorganise it soon after :-(
Who is the most stubborn?
Me.... First born syndrome...
Who hogs the bed?
He does. Ha! But I try to understand because he's too tall to fit comfortably.

Who wakes up earlier?
He does. Weird!
Where was your first date?
Kirk Franklin concert. Kirk had a big hand in our relationship. *Sigh* Me thinks they had it all planned...
How long did it take to get serious?
About 2 to 3 months.
Who eats more?
I'd like to say he does but I think it's me :-( I snack a lot.
Who drives when you are together?
He does. I'm scared of driving in Kampala but one day I will face my fear.

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
He is. It takes me a while to find my tongue.... heehee!
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
He does.

Who eats more sweets?
He does. I have a very very small sweet tooth.
Hmmmm.... Isn't marriage interesting? :-D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

26 happy years....


 I love you! Thank you for teaching me so much and for loving me unconditionally. I wish you 75 more years together :-) Mwah!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Culture and Christianity

I am a Muganda by tribe. We're the largest tribe in Uganda and, in my opinion, have quite a rich culture. some people don't agree but everyone is entitled to their opinion right?

Anywho, I was thinking about the differences between my culture and Christianity and a lot of things popped into my head. Some people find it very hard to choose which to adhere to especially when the two hold such contradicting views. I believe that I am in the world but not of the world therefore my allegiance is to Christ as a Christian.

The truth is that there are some really freaky things about our culture. Witchcraft, scary rituals, silly beliefs.... I found out about most of these just recently because I grew up in a Christian home that only highlighted the good things in our culture.

I think that even though I'm a Christian I need that sense of identity that a tribe gives me. I'm proud of the fact that I have a tribe, a native language, a clan, a clan name and a king. But I also believe in Jesus Christ and He is the King of Kings so I guess that trumps my tribe, right?

Recently I was telling someone that my introduction ceremony - which is the cultural function/ marriage as some have called it - was very simple. During the introduction my family is supposed to pretend that they do not know that I'm going to introduce them to someone. But my family said they would not do that because as Christians they'd be 'lying' in a way because they do know that he is coming - I mean why all the guests???? Anywho, she promptly told me that I do not respect my culture and it got me thinking...... I do but it does not rule over me - God does. If His opinion clashes with that of my tribe then He wins because He is Almighty!

There are also a lot of things that Baganda women will tell you before you get married. One of them is that as a woman you need to keep some money of your own away from your husband just in case.... In other words, don't trust your man because he can run away with another woman and leave you penniless. Ummm..... I don't think I want to do that. I want to trust, respect and submit to my husband wholeheartedly - the way God meant it to be. I will not keep aside money because I trust him and that's what the Lord expects of me.

There are lots of things that I've found out about my culture. Some have made me cringe and some made me very proud. But the bottom line is my tribe is there to give me a sense of belonging and culture but as a Christian, God has the final say in the way I should live my life because well.... it's just better :-)

Just thinking.......

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thinking in colour.....

We're renting a flat and it's white :-( I don't like white. I love colour. And right now, that's what I want/ need in the flat. The only problem is it's not my house. So I've resorted to dreaming and wishing.

I bought a book that suggests which colours you can use in a house. I love it and it's helping me dream away.

I love it because it gives you different colours to match with and which colours to use for fabric or accessories. It has different sections for each colour scheme - reds, violets, yellows, greens and what mood each combination invokes! Did I say I love it? I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Now all I need is a house :-)

One day I'll have my very own house and it will NOT be white! Stay tuned!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday unseriousness...

This morning it happened to be just the girls in the office and so we decided to go a bit crazy and help each other apply some makeup. Yes, I know - we're supposed to be working but hey it's Friday. 

Meet my workmates:

1) This is Fiona. She doesn't like applying makeup in the morning because she doesn't have time for it. She feels funny wearing lipstick. Mission 1: For her to learn to apply her eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick in about 10 minutes so she can look fabulous all day long.

 Mission 1 accomplished :-)

2) This is Maureen. This is the fashionista but she needed just a little nudge towards eyeshadow. And guess who helped her apply it - me!!! Shocker huh? shocked me too! Mission 2: To make her see that eyeshadow makes her eyes pop just a bit more. Here she is:

Mission 2 accomplished!

3) And last, but not least, moi! I don't wear lipstick. I think it makes my lips look huge. Mission 3: To show me that my lips look fantastic with lipstick. Here goes:

Mission 3 accomplished!

All in all, our Friday morning has been quite unserious on the work front but rewarding on the beauty front :-)and we're taking everything we learnt here seriously :-D

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!!
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