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Monday, February 25, 2013

11 months old

Mwagala is 11 months old today! I can't believe how fast time flies! Just one more month till she's one year old.

I've not been very good at monthly updates - I'm sorry :( But I hope this sort of makes up for it.

Weight: 10kgs
Clothing size: 12-18 months

  • Standing on her own for about ten seconds.
  • Saying 'Mama' - when she REALLY wants my attention, Taata, Jajja, Bird, Ti -to (meaning tick tock for the clock), Bye bye, butto (meaning button), Da (meaning dance), 
  • Dancing. For real! She puts her hands up and moves to the beat! Hahaha!
  • Eating solids without a fight. This one took a lot of prayers. She would eat just a little before but now she eats three full meals and snacks in-between. *fist pump*
  • She has four teeth now! And many times she'll do a test run on Mama *smh*
  • Potty training. We're doing pretty well on this one. She is not very comfortable going in her diaper anymore.

The first time she stood on her own.

Potty training

  • Yoghurt
  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Bananas
  • Her books
  • Her toothpaste
  • Music
  • Car rides
  • Playing with water
  • Saying bye to Mama or Taata
  • Having a song end in the middle of her dance
  • Washing her hair
Food: She doesn't like pureed food anymore so I just roughly mash her food. She likes to hold a whole banana and bite into it herself. She's still breast feeding but mostly in the morning and at night. Her favorite foods are chicken & plain yoghurt. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Starting solids

My princess has been breast feeding exclusively for six months and it's been interesting. But boy was I ready to start solids! I made sure everything was ready - bibs, high chair, spoons, plate and lots of enthusiasm. Sadly, she was not as enthusiastic.

'Mama, what is this?'
Food: Banana (mixed with breast milk to make a runny mash)
Time of day: Evening - I wanted to make sure Taata (Daddy) was home for her first meal.
Response: She took 4 spoonfuls and then sealed her mouth shut!
Mama's reaction: Despair :(

Honestly, I was disappointed. I guess I thought that because she feeds so well, the transition to solids would be a piece of cake. Wrong! Oh well. I licked my wounds and tried again the next day - this time at lunch time. She ate a little more but not much. The third time was a charm. I made half a banana and she ate it all! Yay! I was so excited. And she clearly looked happy.

Happy face :)
Then I let my excitement get the better of me. The next day I thought I'd try a potato. She did not like it at all. I was disappointed - again. But a friend encouraged me and I licked my wounds- again. I decided to stick to banana for a while. And yesterday she ate a whole banana! *Fist pump* I love watching her face when she's eating and yesterday she tried to hold the spoon for herself and push it into her mouth. I'm looking forward to feeding her more solids but for now I'll pace myself.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6 months old

Our princess is 6 months old today! I cannot believe it's been 6 months since she was born. I've almost forgotten the days when she had colic and wouldn't sleep through the night. Almost forgotten.... Haha!

Here's what she is up to lately:

  • Putting everything- and I do mean EVERYTHING- in her mouth. If it's in her hand her mouth is wide open, ready to receive it. 
  • Saying 'Ma-ma'. She is still perfecting this very important word but I was pleasantly surprised to hear her say it. She's practicing everyday :) 
  • Making a wet razzing sound. She loves this sound. Lately it's been the first thing she does when she wakes up. 

Razzing away

  • Sitting upright without support. 

She has been breast feeding exclusively so now it's time for solids. I'm looking forward to that and I'm pretty sure she is too because each time we're eating she starts chewing. Hahaha! Poor thing. Your misery is about to end.

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